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Shadows of Eridu – Interactive Edition

Introduction, Songs and Copyrights

Talk to the Character, Discover the Story.

The Shadows of Eridu.

Thank you for embarking on this thrilling journey with us through the ancient mysteries and modern-day intrigues of “Shadows of Eridu.” Crafting this narrative has been a labor of love, a melding of history, myth, and speculative fiction, aimed at not just entertaining but also at sparking curiosity about our past, present, and future.

  • Inteact with all the characters.
  • Discover hidden stories within the Scenes.
  • Ask the Character about their motivations for their actions and decisions.

Meet our Characters and Worlds

Characters from “Shadows of Eridu”

Meet our Characters

Core Characters

Dr. Alex Carter

Renound Archeologist. The grandson of Dr. Evelyn Carter, which disapeared in an expedition

Marcus Reid

Cybersecurity Expert, Inventor. Joined Dr. Alex Carter team. He leads the technology team.

Layla Hassan

Expert Linguistics. Layla has a passion for Ancient Languages and cryptography.

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